Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Me, in a Bottle

Earlier in May, just before I started Pet Fur, I stumbled upon this post at The Phalanges Files. Chaos Butterfly posted some beautiful swatches of OPI's Wing It! and wrote, "I found Wing It! to be really funny. The base color just kind of hangs out in this really ambiguous area, and the shimmer is the same. It's kind of iridescent, kind of blue, kind of pink, kind of violet, kind of duochrome, kind of metallic...but it doesn't fit firmly into any of those groups. Wing It! is like...the epitome of a noncommittal polish..."

With that write-up and swatches, Chaos Butterfly sent me running to Amazon. I was able to get it from Beauty Clutch's Amazon store (great shipping times, retail prices. good for hard-to-find polishes). Oddly enough, today is the second time I've worn this polish. Both times I've layered it over another pink from the day before.

China Glaze B-Girlz from yesterday, OPI Wing It! for today.

B-Girlz made for an awesome base coat! Since I had no chips I just slapped a couple of coats of Wing It over the top and a top coat of Seche Vite.
Sweet Baby Zeus, will you look at that shimmer?
I'm telling you, this is me in a bottle! Wing It's sitting right in front of me and I see the orange shimmer bursting in the sunshine at my desk. When I pick it up and wiggle the bottle the purple flecks wink at me. Moving my hands about and the pink shimmer pops. And it's not a frost, not a glitter, not a creme...what is it? It's freakin' perfection.

It looks like it should taste like strawberries.

Oh, this is a hard call for me to make. My #1 Girlfriend in the Helmer is Black Label OPI's Shoot-Out in the OK Coral. It's my go-to summer pedicure. In fact, I'll pull her out for my bi-weekly pedicure so you can meet her. But Wing It! takes my breath away. It's so ambiguously non-committal! It's ADHD, like me...hyperactive on the nail, just waiting to take me dancing or settle in for the night to watch "Being Human" on BBCA. It's like frolicking in the back hair of an angel (apologies to the Oatmeal but I swear I have your Zombie Apocalypse poster hanging at my desk!).

Okay, Naughty Monkeys, I have to pretend to work and stuff!

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