Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Purple Week, Day 2: So Cowardly!

While rooting through my stash I couldn't decide what to wear on the nails...do I go with 2NITE, Space Cadet, something from Sally Hansen? I thought about the Sally but that polish was entirely too shear (I'll share it another time as a layering polish. I can't remember the name but it's one of the new Hard as Nails in a sparkly lilac). So I made the executive decision and declared it Purple Week! All my work mani's will be in some shade of purple, regardless of outfit because that's how I role.

I have three polishes from the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh-Awes collection, Good Witch?, Ruby Pumps, and C-c-courage. I got C-c-courage up in Woodbridge during our IKEA trip. I'd seen swatches online and I knew I needed that purple in my life!
Natural morning light against my car.

C-c-courage is a nasty color to capture. I had gorgeous light in the parking garage but I just couldn't get a good shot. But I know you all have seen the yummy steely purple online or have it in your collection.

Natural light filtered through my office windows. Probably the best capture of color.

If I saw this color on a car I'd probably wet myself. I mean, have you seen the Plum Crazy Dodge Challenger? I'm no MOPAR fan but that car is sex on a stick! I think most any car could benefit from being purple (except the Nissan Versa. kill it with fire!).
Against my cube wall, natural filtered light.

C-c-courage is a top coat eater, at least for me. It's not overly glittery, more of a sparkle, but it was gritty. My first top coat was OPI's Rapid Dry and second was the Poshe'. I tried to get the Seche Restore but Blooming Beauty didn't have any in stock. I'm still not 100% pleased with the finish. I think another top coat layer would make this nice and smooth.

Oh, I'm sure you saw the Zoya promo. Buy any one product (excluding color spoons) and get Ivanka and Charla free! I bought a bottle of Happi for my coworker Miss M since she loved it so much and I can't find it locally. I paid $6.95 for shipping so less than $3.50 for each bottle. Whoohoo! So if you haven't scored check out Zoya's post for the coupon code. I also recommend liking them on Facebook and following their Twitter. They post teaser info to get us all riled up about the new pretties and promos!


Carol said...

Reading your posts are so fun. I am actually thinking I want to start polishing my nails......

Okay Obi Wan of polish, what is a girl with NO polish to start with??

Sounds like a blog post to me. A "starter kit" for those of us noobs who want a basic starter set that is affordable and (sorry) conservative to semi conservative with the color choices.....

Hermione said...

Gosh...eep! Let me think about this, pull some items together, take some pictures, and do a write-up. Everything will come from either Sally Beauty or Walgreens/Rite-Aid so it'll be affordable.

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