Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swimming Pools on My Nails

After a few days of pinks I needed to shake things up a bit. I mean, I big puffy pink heart pink but there are other colors in the Helmer (it needs a better name. let me sleep on that). I told my coworker Miss M I'd shift into blue for Thursday. I pulled out China Glaze's Blue Iguana, Zoya's Jo and Tarte, but I thought back to mid-April before I started Pet Fur. I'd worn For Audrey with a layer of White Cap (that wonderful sheer with yellow glass fleck) and oh, what a neat combination!

I didn't want to quite replicate that so I dug even further...
Oooo! A Nubar!

The lighting does not do this justice! Nubar's Angels Whisper, under the Ott light, has the same blue shimmer as For Audrey. But in direct natural sunlight it shimmers pink. I only have two Nubars. I ordered 2010, that awesome flaky, from Amazon a couple of months ago. This baby is a Dust Bin find at Blooming Beauty. Nubar seems to be the Red-Headed Step Child of the polish world. It's not easily available locally and the rack they do have? The polishes are all separated and look discolored. I have to resist going in and shaking them so they can be adopted.

Angels Whisper looked all gross but when I shook it up it blended back together and I saw the potential to layer. I haven't used it before last night and when it coated For Audrey, the magic happened:

Cat Attack! The Cattens (they're a year old and still rambunctious) tore across the bed last night. I was half-asleep, watching "Income Property" with that hottie Scott McGilvray, when I felt the claws. Of course I let out an expletive. I'm now wearing a Yummy Sushi BandAid.

Oh, look at that shimmer! On the nail Angels Whisper stays blue. But in the sun in the bottle it's shimmering pink. Angels Whisper is androgynous and I think it'll work well with pinks also. It's like I have swimming pools on each digit!

Look, I need to be straight with you. As pretty as cremes are I can't leave them alone. It's as though I need shimmer, glitter, glass flecks, and duochromes. Seldom will I wear a creme by itself. For Audrey is pretty in her own right but the fact I can change her up with a sheer is wicked awesome!

Okay, I guess I should get some work done. I'm listening to "Summerboy" radio on Pandora. This sounds nuts but I love Old School Lady Gaga versus her newer stuff. She wasn't pretentious. Gaga never made a video for "Summerboy" but for a fun and funky summer song, you can't beat it with a stick!


Olivia C. said...

Love this combo! You always have such pretty blinged-out nails! I love all the glitter and stuff! My obsession right now is cremes, hahah, so it's fun to look at your blog and all the glitter. :)

Hermione said...

Aw, thanks for the compliment! I'm my harshest critic when it comes to my nails. Soon I'll be moaning about the way they grow...hehe!

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Love LOVE the blog! I don;t polish because I wash my hands too much, but I am loving living vicariously through you!

BTW, I added you to our blog roll. :-)

Hermione said...

Carol, you could totally polish your nails! You just need a good base coat, a couple of coats of a durable polish, and a good top coat. If you want to come over and play I can help. You know I have a boatload of colors!

Oo, thanks for the add! Peeps who follow your blog and click through to mine will be like, "WTH?" Hahahaha!

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