Sunday, June 5, 2011

From the Vault: Hands Up, Pardner!

First off, if you're a crackle-head haul your booty down to Walgreens for Pure Ice Crackle! The delightful G. from Nouveau Cheap blogged about them yesterday and I thought, "There's no way in the world my Wags will get Pure Ice." Color me wrong! I picked up the yellow crackle because I was just thinking, "I could use a yellow crackle but I haven't seen one yet." Whoohoo!

Anyway, today is a Me Day. My Boys are at the movies so I got a spa pedi at a local nail salon called...get this...Nail Spa. HA! I took one of my treasures with me, OPI's Shoot-Out at the OK Coral:
I had to snag the sun while I could. It's cloudy and humid today.

According to the OPI Nail Lacquer Database my bottle is from the American Spring/Summer 1995 collection. I'd get pedicures at local salons but I had a hard time finding it. I finally found a bottle at a Supercuts/Hair Cuttery place while my kiddo was getting his hair cut, about five-six years ago. I snagged this .5 fluid ounces of corally goodness.
Black Label OPI: Full of Big Three Bad Stuff. I don't care.

The man technician gave me a great lower-leg massage, oh yeah! while I was violated by the pedi-throne. It's one of those that squeezes your buttcheeks and sometimes you want to slap it as it goes in for Surprise Buttsechs. Eep! Don't stop.

Sadly the sun is still playing hide-n-seek. All I can get for a decent snap is this:
I haz a sad. The sun is poopy.

I love, Love, LOVE this color!!! I've never worn in on my fingers and I dole it out like it's never coming back. I know Shoot-Out made a reappearance in a Summer 2009 Colorcopia collection. Check out Scrangie's awesome swatches for more information. You might be able to find a dust-bin of this wonderful poolside color somewhere, lurking the corners of your local beauty supply.


Nailderella said...

Oh, it's the 1st time I've seen this OPI! It looks pretty!!

BTW, I like your blog. I've become your follower now!! ;D

Hermione said...

I know, right? It's so yummy! I'm kind of glad it's not permanent so I can pull it out and say, "Well yeah, I got Old School OPI!"

G. said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, honey! I cannot WAIT to see swatches of that crackle! :) xo

Hermione said...

I'm planning my next manicure...For Audrey with yellow crackle? Perhaps...*grins!*

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