Thursday, June 2, 2011

Layer #3: QT

On my quest this week to see how funny it will be to remove multiple layers of polish I applied two more coats of yet a different polish. Remember my Happy Birthday post last week? Where my husband got me China Glaze's QT, TMI, and L8R G8R from their OMG collection? I already wore TMI alone so I slapped some QT over the top of yesterday's Wing It.
Will you look at that crazy holo? It's bliss!

All the swatches I'd seen online always showed QT and its siblings in natural light, taunting me with its linear holo goodness. I had no idea that in person under artificial lighting it's rather blah. I mean, it's a pretty wine semi-creme. QT and its fraternal twin TMI really need the right light spectrum to shine like mad.

QT applied like a dream over Wing It. I did two coats for full coverage. As for layers...
  • Two layers CND Ridge Out base coat (my older bottle is almost shot)
  • Two layers China Glaze B-Girlz
  • One coat Seche Vite
  • Two layers OPI Wing It!
  • One coat Seche Vite
  • Two layers ChG QT
  • One final coat Seche Vite
11 layers of polish? Jeeze! Removing the polish really will be like counting tree rings!

Tomorrow? I really need to shift gears and use a different color group. Green? Blue? Purple? Coral? Choices, I haz them.


jbrobeck said...

OMG i love your twitter "blurb!" Anytime you are at work and comment, you can tweet me! @jbrobs


Hermione said...

I had to go and see what you meant and I know now! *falls over ded!* I need to add you to my Twitter feed; hopefully you don't get lost between Simon Pegg and Conan O'Brien *winks!*

jbrobeck said...

Twitter feed? Is there a way to read resets in an rss format?

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