Monday, June 6, 2011

Sandwich? Yes, Please!

Yesterday, after getting my pedi, I came home and perused my beauty blogs. I can't remember which rabbit hole I fell down but I came across a link to a Tumblr. The blogger made a glitter sandwich with OPI's Too Hot Pink to Hold'Em and Teenage Dream. Oh, it looked awesome! I searched my memory and yes, I have those polishes along with Do You Think I'm Tex-y? So of course I went upstairs to start a fresh mani for Monday.

(Oh, and there's a story about the weekend mani but I'll save it for later. I got pix. And I think I have far more polishes than the "Nail Spa." Their display looked pitiful in comparison to my stash.)
The glitter isn't done justice in this picture. Teenage Dream and Do You Think I'm Tex-y?

This was my first real experience with a jelly polish. I need to practice more. It's one thing to polish a nail wheel but on the nail itself, it's an entirely different story. I sucked at it. The polish is thin and runny so I thought I needed more on the brush. It was a mess! I did two coats of Tex-y, one coat of Teenage Dream, and one coat of Tex-y:

How fun is this? It's like the glitter is suspended in the jelly! To me it makes the glitter look more like a glass fleck, not as "In your face, BOOYEAH!" which I also adore. And since it's only one layer of Teenage Dream it shouldn't be too terribly hard to remove.

And I kind of wowed myself last night when I realized I'm not wearing China Glaze. What, really? All polishes on my person are OPI.

I guess I should pretend to work and stuff. The caffeine hasn't fully kicked in *yawn!*


Nailderella said...

That's pretty!
I've also seen this kind of mani on blogs and I really want to give it a try! This looks so nice!

Hermione said...

Aw, thanks for the wonderful feedback! I appreciate it. And I wish I knew how to clean up my cuticles better. I have an idea for tonight's mani...HTF China Glaze, oh yeah!

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