Sunday, June 19, 2011

My New Manicure Station! (Picture Heavy)

Slowly but surely I've moved my polish stuff from the couch to the breakfast bar to my make-up to my Helmer. Other than the breakfast bar, I haven't found a place to really settle in and do a proper manicure. I was told I couldn't set up shop at the bar again due to my big-ass Ott light. I was tired of straddling the Helmer, hunching over it to try and do a decent mani. But now I have a proper mani-station!
Here's a good overview. My make-up table (a computer station) is in the corner. My two Helmers make up the ends of the mani-station. We found a length of shelf at Lowe's, 48 inches long by 16 inches deep, that fits perfectly on top of the Helmers. The shelf is set on top with two rows of hard-core velcro.

A better view of the mani-station. I've been playing with nail wheels.
I moved my OPI's to the left Helmer to balance things out.
China Glaze. Not quite as organized as I'd like.
Orly, Essie, Nubar, Color Club
Wet-n-Wild and Zoya. I just hit 30 on the Zoya!   

My Kaleidoscopes and OMGs along with my second favorite OPI, Wing It! I keep that one out since it's new.
My favorite perfumes, lotions, and Zoya spoons. Bobbi Brown Beach is my go-to scent. Summer in a bottle!
Other than playing with nail wheels, trying to get a handle on what I have, I haven't done a proper manicure at my new station. It's on wheels so if Carol wants to come over and play we can pretend I know what I'm doing. This keeps polish from migrating throughout the house!

Let's see...overall this cost about $150.00. The Helmers were $40.00 each, the shelf was $15.00, and the Ott light was $58.00 on Amazon. It's definitely not fancy but it'll do the job I need it to do. With the velcro attachment we can knock it down any time we need to move stuff around. I'm really quite pleased!!! 


Olivia C. said...

I like this! Cute and organized!
I wish I had something like this. I guess I could set something up. But as of right now, my polishes, etc. are scattered all around my room as I try to find new and better ways to organize them.
I especially love your perfume set up! I'm a perfume junkie and have all of mine on my dresser. :)

Hermione said...

You could appropriate a computer desk and desk lamp to at least set up a workspace. I've heard Michael's has scrapbooking storage that fits polish bottles but I can't verify that.

Gotta say the Helmer is awesome for polish. Even the Orly's stand up straight!

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