Monday, June 13, 2011


Back in 2004-2005 when Jonathan the Owl was a meme sensation, I had his picture on my cell phone. Whenever the Kiddo, who was just shy of schoolage, would say something that warranted an "Oh really?" I'd say instead, "Don't make me bust out The Owl!"
So when I got hardcore into polish this year I started perusing the Orly line and when I see their displays all I can think about is that awesome snowy owl!

I could do this all day!

Anyway, I went to Sally on Friday, just itching for something. I ended up with one of those nifty pump bottles for acetone, the one where you push down and it's dispensed in the cap. Very cool! And I got a sable gel brush for cuticle clean-up. But really, what's a Sally visit without adopting a new China Glaze?

Fine, I'll stop now.

I picked up Spontaneous, a pretty medium purple creme.
Then I thought, "Hey! I have some Orly's in Elmer I can layer on top!"
This one's called Love Each Other. I think it's part of Orly's bridal line. Yeah, whatever. It's a PURPLE SHIMMER!!! therefore I needed it.
Why this pink shimmer is called Fifty Four, I have no idea.

The shimmers add just a bit of OOMPH overall. For me this is a rather sedate manicure. And that new sable clean-up brush is awesome! I used it more than I used my normal brush. That one's an painter's brush I picked up at Michael's. It looks like a slanted eye liner brush. I needed something that had heartier bristles with a thin tip.

Sorry for the picture quality today. I got into the parking garage early and there was a thin cloud cover. I didn't have decent sun until I got into the office.

OH YEAH!!! Last night I experienced my first Seche Vite Gone Bad. My right thumb nail is a total wreck, at least in my eyes. The SV's gone goopy. I'm going to look for the Restore but I have OPI's Rapid Dry, CND Speedy, and I picked up Poshe' top coat that Also Known As mentioned in her Spring Favorites post. I think my SV's gotten me through over 30 manicures but the bottle is over half-full. I love Seche but I think I get a little high off the fumes...


Nailderella said...

Oh...!! I didn't know these 2 Orly! very pretty! the pink one doesn't seem to be as sparkly as the purple one!
It's not always easy to deal with top coats...mines always get a bit crappy when the bottle is half-used...

Hermione said...

They are pretty! To fully appreciate the shimmer the bottles need to be in direct sunlight. The Orly's are easily available at Sally. I think they're part of the core line. Sally's getting a ton of my $$ lately; I picked up a 2-inch barrel curling yesterday!

leihei said...

I bet the Fifty Four is named for Studio 54, since it's kind of disco-y? Disco-ish? Looks like it should be doing lines off a table in the backroom? (too far?)

WV:repunkna. Someone who used to be a punk and now is again. Yup, that works!

leihei said...

And HA! Just read the about us and you mentioned my butt. hahahahahahahah! Once my butt is back on the chemo train I'll have all the time in the world and will make my presence known!

Hermione said...

Leisa, I thought the 54 could be in line with Studio 54. As for your butt...hahahahahah! Buttafoooooco!

I need you, girlfriend! How do you like the design?

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