Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inka-Dink Pinks!

As I was saying...ha! Work's been nuts and there were more than a few people who needs severe bitchslappings and repeated draggings over those tire puncture thingies. So here I am to play catch-up!

Sunday was the first official time I used my new manicure station. Ohmigosh it's AWESOME! I'm no longer hunched over the Helmer, straddling it while trying to clean up my polish. I started out with that Forever 21 Love & Beauty Pink, which in the bottle is an Ashley to my Mary-Kate OPI Shoot-Out at the OK Coral. On the nail? Not so much.

Too sheer for my taste.
Love & Beauty Pink with Nubar 2010. A bit better

Pink is very sheer compared to the OPI. Shoot-Out is very pigmented. Someone with a steady hand could get a decent polish with one coat. Pink would be a good layering polish for that extra micro-sparkle.

I'm still wearing this with no chips almost 3 weeks later! This was the day I got my pedi.
Tuesday's manicure was China Glaze's How About a Tumble? Holy guacamole, I loves me some linear holo!!! I paid far too much on Amazon but it's worth every single penny!

GAH! *falls over dead*
Natural sunshine on my gems!
Please, China Glaze, dazzle us with more holos!!! The Tronica line was yawnworthy at best. I got the blue one and it struggles to show me rainbows in direct sunlight. Tumble is a first-class show-off! Honestly, all the Kaleidoscope polishes are bottled awesomesauce and I'd love to get my filthy mitts on the rest of the collection!

I'm sorry I don't have bottle pictures, specially of the Nubar 2010. The sun's been a real stingy booger this week. It's been overcast in the mornings and we're getting a lot of smoke from the wildfires in NE North Carolina. The light's thin at best.

But I can see where my Mad Polish Skillz imporved by having a proper surface to polish on! Seriously, if you can get a couple of Helmers and a shelf you've got yourself a mani-station.


cilucia said...

Wow, that holo is gorgeous!!

Hermione said...

Cilucia, isn't it just!?! I wish ChG would rerelease their holos. I've seen Nfu.Oh swatches that are pretty but since availability is limited I hesitate.

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