Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace, Love, and Beauty (Pic Heavy!)

I had to go to the local mall for a Father's Day card. Otherwise my mom would send me on a major guilt trip come Sunday. Gah, I loathe these faux Hallmark guilt holidays! Anyway, there's a two-floor Forever 21 and since my work friend wasn't with me to provide parental supervision, I had to stop in and fondle the polishes!
Looks like two different polishes, right?

Oh, they aren't!
They're the same?!?
Same name, "Yellow," and same SKU. This is odd! But I found the same issue with a lot of of F21's polishes. Here are the five polishes that found a new home:
I believe it's called Purple
Seafoam. This would've matched today's sweater!
Green! It's got a golden shimmer.
Seriously, it's call Pink.
So when I got home I rooted through Elmer the Helmer and found a couple of potential dupes!
Gold and China Glaze White Cap
Not a dupe. Gold is a finer shimmer whereas White Cap is more of a glass fleck. But if you can't find White Cap I think Gold will fill the bill.
Green with Zoya Midori
Midori's a tad greener but if you can't get your grubby little paws on Zoya you might be okay with Green. The name kills me! I'm so used to OPI and China Glaze names so the direct approach throws me off.
Claire's "Paradise," OPI "Shoot Out at the OK Coral," and "Pink"

 I bought Paradise as a potential back-up for my beloved OPI. However, it's a lot more orangey than the OPI. But the Pink? It doesn't stink!
Would you look at that!
The Love & Beauty has a bit of micro-glitter where the OPI is more of a fine shimmer. Both have that yummy blue shimmer running through them.
Just to show you the blue shimmer of Shoot-Out
I'm really looking forward to playing with my new colors! I think Purple might be a bit too vampy-dark for summer but the rest? Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong. Whoohoo!

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