Friday, December 30, 2011

Rose Tyler: Bad Wolf

Now, don't stare. Look what you look like to them, all... pink and yellow. (The Doctor, "New Earth")
Rose Tyler, just a shopgirl from the Powell Estate dating Mickey Smith...until she met a mysterious man who saved her from maniacal mannequins (really called Autons) in the first episode of the revamped series ("Rose"). From there that man, known as The Doctor, took Rose through space and time. Along the way Rose fell in love with the Doctor, going as far as taking the TARDIS's time vortex and saving The Doctor from certain death.

The words Bad Wolf followed The Doctor and Rose through space and time...
Now you tell me, god of all Daleks, 'cause there's one thing I never worked out. The words Bad Wolf. Spread across time and space. Everywhere. Drawing me in. How'd you manage that? (The Doctor)
It wasn't until the episode "The Parting of the Ways" that Rose realized what those words meant...
I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here...You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space. Every single atom of your existence. And I divide them. Everything must come to death. All things. Everything dies. The Time War ends. (Rose)
Rose's attire consisted of a variety of hoodies and jeans. She's a woman who seems to like pink. Therefore I chose China Glaze's Bad Kitty for Rose's color.

Okay, so I already reviewed this polish back in May but I assure you it's on my nails right now!

Bad Kitty was chosen for Rose for a few reasons...It's bubble gum pink, it has multi-colored glitter (for the stars), and the name Bad Kitty? HAHAHAHAHHAA! It just seems like a color Rose would wear if she were to polish her nails. She's still a teen when she meets The Doctor for the first time so I think she'd wear crazy glitterbombs.

It took three coats to get Bad Kitty to look like this. It's a gelatinous polish and is best layered over another pink. I used one coat of Seche Vite last night and two coats of Gelous this morning and I still feel the bumps of the glitter. I know it's going to be a bear to take off too. GAH! But hey, it's a fun polish and I love it.

As for Rose Tyler?
Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I. (The Doctor, "The Parting of the Ways.")

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yeah, I Know...

I'm one of those bloggers who completely and utterly slacked off. Honestly? I burned out. During the summer I traveled to Ohio for my sister-in-law's wedding, to Las Vegas for an informal high school reunion (and bought Chanel's Peridot and a handful of Island Girl polishes), and to California to visit my parents (not a fun visit; I'm trying to get them to get their shit together estate-planning wise). My tweenager started middle school, my husband traveled to San Diego and Taiwan for work (7 weeks in Taiwan!). And I just went, "Blerg."

Oddly enough, things are coming together. I started going to therapy again for ADHD issues. I got a script for ADHD meds and I just started yesterday. I hope to get my act together and get some weight off this middle-aged body. And while my husband was gone, the Kiddo and I fell helplessly into the time vortex that's known as Doctor Who.

Rose Tyler and Nine. Wish he'd stayed longer even if Ten is my Doctor. Nine was rather bad-ass and the leather jacket? Yes, please!
So why am I mentioning Doctor Who? Why am I using an image of Nine and Rose? What the hell am I going on about?

Well...I had an idea, an epiphany if you will, whilst showering the other night. There are polish collections fashioned around movies like Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean. China Glaze is issuing a Hunger Games collection (kind of a head scratcher if you ask me, considering the dystopian nature of the series). OPI's paired with Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj for collections (and I saw the Nicki Minaj collection yesterday and I found it yawn-worthy). So why not create a collection for Doctor Who?

For my upcoming series I have a set of guidelines for myself:
  • I'm only doing the new series, not Classic Who. I'm not familiar enough with Classic Who.
    • Except Sarah Jane. She was in enough New Who to warrant an article.
  • All polishes must be in my current collection.
  • All polishes must be easy to find...well, I'm making an exception for one particular polish but it's China Glaze.
Also, I'm going to branch out with Pet Fur. It's not going to be exclusively about nail polish. Don't get me wrong! I still have a love affair with polish. I picked up two at Rite Aid the other day (I'm rather miffed with this Chameleon polish. It's a gorgeous duochrome but even with a ridge filler the ridges are prominent. What the hell?) and three at Blooming Beauty (two OPI's and a Zoya). I'm anxiously awaiting my Models Own Beetlejuice collection to arrive from the UK. But I want to document other stuff like embarking on ADHD meds, hopefully joining a running group at the YMCA, and going on Weight Watchers for the 1,500 time next week (dudes, I want to go to Outback Steakhouse and nom the hell out of their smashed potatoes!).

I'm going to get a bit more personal...
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