Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Bright? I'll Show You Too Bright!!!

So yesterday I was banged on for my Swimming Pools Nails. I was told by El Jefe (The Boss) that my nails didn't match my outfit (so?) and the color belonged on a late 50's Ford (cool!). Miss C, my friend and admin assistant, said my nails were "too bright." But I've worn For Audrey before and you liked it! "I don't remember that," she replied.

Too bright? Too bright? You really want to go to there?

I dug into Elmer the Helmer, not certain what I was looking for. OPI Shimmer and Glimmer (or something like that), a blue glitter? Orly Space Cadet? A teal Sally Hansen? No...I knew what was needed.
Flip Flop Fantasy, Suckah! No Beetle today. Picture taken against Mustang convertible top. HA!

I initially bought this for a pedi color. I believe it's the most obnoxious neon pink in my collection. However, it's a creme so I need extra OOMPH!

Fairy Dust!

This picture doesn't do Fairy Dust justice. I love the Dust! It's like the perfect micro-holo-glitter top coat. Plus it's easy to remove so you're not soaking your nails in acetone for ever and ever.
I shook it intentionally so you can see that yummy holographic goodness.

I did my standard base coat of CND Ridge-Out, two-three coats of Flip Flop Fantasy (had some bald spots), two coats of Fairy Dust, and Seche Vite. I did this all before bed; I prayed to the Greek Goddess of Polish Worshippers that I wouldn't sheet myself.

Natural sun, against Mustang top. The Fairy Dust looks sad.

Natural sun, indoors, against my cubicle wall. I didn't sheet myself. Thanks, Seche Vite!

I don't know how much work I'll be able to do. I'm getting distracted just typing!

The overall look kind of ties in with my casual Friday outfit. Cropped jeans, a light-weight pale pink cardigan, and a darker pink camisole. Plus I drove the Mustang, Bellatrix, to work today. Ron's working out of town and I must say I feel rather badass when I drive the GT. Vroom vroom! Hermione's cute and she sounds like Darth Vader breathing when I go through the gears. But today I'll strip off the sweater, put down the top, and blast craptacular pop music on my way home from work.

"I'm so sick of being so serious, it's making my brain delirious!"

I'm thinking of a new feature so stay tuned for more polish shenanigans!


Whitney @ ElementalStyles said...

Hehehe I just bought this color! I'm super psyched to wear's matte by itself isn't it?

Hermione said...

Yes, it dries semi-matte, not full-on matte like an OPI Suede or Zoya Matte. I never thought I'd wear it on my fingers though!

Carol said...

LOL. Did El Jefe an Admin Assistant notice your nails today???

I was in your part of town today, too bad I didn't see your badass self on the highway. I would have felt like part of the "cool club" just to know you!! :-)

Hermione said...

Instead of the Beetle I had the 'stang. But it's too darn hot to drop the top!!! Oo! My widget's working now, sweet!

Nailderella said...

Fairy Dust, it's been ages I say I have to grab it!!!!! I looks great!

Now I have "I'm so sick of being so serious, it's making my brain delirious!" in my mind! LOL

Hermione said...

Isn't Fairy Dust awesomesauce? It's such a subtle yet sparkly glitter. It adds extra OOMPH to any polish!

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