Thursday, June 16, 2011

Purple Week? HAHAHAH!

Dudes, I couldn't follow through on my self-imposed Purple Week. You see, today was my command picnic and I'd bought a new blouse at Kohl's from the Chaps line. I like their nautical feel so of course I had to pull China Glaze's Ahoy from Elmer! However, the sun played Peek-a-boo this morning and I couldn't get a good shot of its rich magenta glass-flecked yumminess. So I'm giving you an Epic Fail picture instead:
Taken while walking to the mall in the midday sun.
Oh, it's so pretty! I think China Glaze is the master of the glass-fleck polish. But why was I walking to the mall?
Ivanka, Charla, Serving up Sparkle, Grape Set & Match, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahlia Won't You, I Lily Love You, and Play the Peonies
I got Ivanka and Charla during this week's Zoya promotion (that was quick, Fairies!). I'd left my name and number at Blooming Beauty and they held my pretties for me, whoohoo! I cannot wait to do a new manicure!

I think the one that took my breath away was Grape, Set, and Match. It's such a gorgeous purple but that shimmer? Holy crap! Flashes of pink and blue in that polish!!! I do believe Serena Williams is our Patron Saint of Polish, Goddess of the Lacquer. And even though I'm not a huge pale polish fan I am looking forward to Play the Peonies with a thin layer of I Lily Love You. Be a Dahlia will be an awesome pedi-polish as will Charla and Ivanka.

Of course I have to share Zoya's promo video for Charla and Ivanka...
Aw, Ginger Kitteh! We have two gingers and two silver babies. Meow!


Homschlr4ever said...

Can you be allergic to nail polish? I've tried to use it but then my nails just feel really, really, hot. Bonnie and Emma use it all the time and have no problems. It just seems to drive me nuts and then I end up picking it off.

Hermione said...

You could possibly be allergic. Older polishes contain formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates that are harmful to humans. If you see a polish labeled "3-Free" (new OPI's, Zoya, China Glaze) then you're safe.

You might be allergic to camphor, a plasticizer.

Upside: Newer polishes dry a lot quicker.

Downside: Newer polishes can chip quicker.

New-new OPIs like the Nice Stems and Texas collections are 4-Free (inc. camphor). If you want to wear polish pick up a mini Texas or Nice Stems OPI collection and see what happens. You can find those at Blooming Beauty (MacArthur Center). Hell, bring Carol at lunchtime and I'll meet y'all there! I work in downtown Norfolk :).

Nailderella said...

You got plenty of new polishes! Yay!

BTW, I gave you an award for your blog because I think you do a great job! You can pick it up on my blog at:

Hermione said...

I got, cool! Thanks so much!

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