Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Don't Think You're Happi Enough!

So at last count I have 179 polishes in my ever-growing collection. Eep! I know it's nowhere near other bloggers collections, of which I'm dead jealous. However, it does present challenges when making nightly decisions.

Last night was no different. Waiting in the mailbox yesterday was a China Glaze from the cult OMG line, 2NITE. OMG is right! The linear holo in the bottle is nom-worthy! Alas, it wasn't meant to be. I asked Ron point-blank, "Pink or blue?" to which he replied, "Neither." Smirky man! Then he said, "For you, pink."

In the meantime I'd discovered another nail blogger, Nailderella. She left some nice feedback so I checked out her blog. Her second most recent post was for Zoya's Happi. Oooooo! Pretty pretty pictures of shimmery pink goodness and guess what? It's in my inventory!
Early morning sun, taken against my car in the parking garage at work. Look at that badass shimmer!

I can't pinpoint when I first saw Happi. I know it was online and I needed it right away. Luckily there's a Blooming Beauty Supply at the mall. (The mall's within walking distance of my office...it's dangerous to my pocketbook) BBS carries Zoya but Happi wasn't there. They offered to order it for me but I declined, knowing Zoya online offers specials. So when they had their Earth Day exchange I ordered nine polishes and Happi became mine!

Early morning sun. Bliss!

Happi is just so happy! She shimmers with pale golden goodness in a light bubble gum base. She's a perfect late spring color. For me she's definitely a finger color; she's too pale for my toes. I like my toes to make an obnoxious statement like, "WHOOOOOOOO!!!"  But Happi is totally work-appropriate (although that doesn't stop me from wearing crazy colors, ha!). She's demure with a bit of a wild side.

Oh yeah, and a couple of things. That Zoya Color Lock system? Blah, blah, blah!!! I used Seche Vite and Happi dried perfectly. No bubbling or fisheyes this time around. I know users swear by Color Lock but I will never use it again. And their polish remover is fine for removing polish but nothing beats pure acetone for cuticle clean-up. I found a small china ramikin, poured a bit of acetone in it, and used my handy-dandy clean-up brush to touch up the cuticles. Between the easy application of Happi (two coats versus five coats for that stinkin' ChG Rainstorm I've yet to blog about) and the easy clean-up, I'm quite...HAPPY!!! with Happi.


Nailderella said...

Oh yeah! So you decided to wear Happi!! That's so pretty!

Wow, you've got 179 polishes! That's a great collection! I don't have as many as you :p

I've never used Color Lock system either and never encountered any problems.

And thank you so much for the link *hug*

Hermione said...

Oh, you need to get your mitts on Reece! She layers perfectly over Happi and is dreamy!!!

I believe I'm in the throws of an obsession. Hey, it's better than booze; you don't gain weight from polish!

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