Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purple Week, Day 3: Dannii, Have I Always Had These?

I've always love the Kids in the Hall and for some crazy reason I thought of the following sketch while applying today's purple polish, Zoya's Dannii...(Video and pix behind the jump today. Video is slightly NSFW in a prosthetic way)

Danny Husk is Every Man. He's unflappable, even when confronted with his coworker's new breasts. "Danny, have I always had these breasts? Because I think they're new, like today...are those your hands?"


Kills me every time! So anyway, continuing my self-imposed Purple Week I chose Zoya's Dannii from their Spring 2011 Intimate collection. I got the set during their International Womens Day promo in March. Honestly, I didn't care for four of the colors and sent to an old friend and fellow Zoya lover in Washington State (Hi, K! If you're reading this :)). Dannii stayed with me. I'm not giving up a purple!
Crappy shot off the backside of Hermione the Car

Dannii is not nearly as intense as my previous purples. She's not jumping in your face yelling LOOK AT ME!!! Her shimmer is subtle and fun. I guess I'd call Dannii the Purple Next Door.

A much better shot of Dannii's shimmer

It's a silvery shimmer but it's warmer in tone that yesterday's C-c-courage (which, BTW, was a glitterbomb mess to take off!). I don't know why I haven't worn Dannii before!

Application was a breeze. Used my only ridge filler, CND Ridge-Out, 2 coats of Dannii, and Poshe' top coat. I think another layer of Poshe' would give Dannii a glassier surface but I was short on time last night. I do have one fisheye on my left pinky, grrr. And I don't have a definitive opinion on Poshe' yet. I miss Seche Vite right now but until I can find a stinkin' bottle of Restore I'm stuck. I have CND Speedy but it doesn't seem to have as glassy of a finish.

Anyway, I'm hoping to score OPI's Nice Stems today at the mall. The owner of Blooming Beauty said the shipment was to arrive yesterday...we'll see. Wish me luck!


beth said...

Love, love, love the purple. Sooo pretty! And I haven't seen KITH for eons... excellent!

Hermione said...

I have the box set! and it's on Netflix streaming :).

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