Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hurray, it's Caturday! I got to sleep in a bit until Fredward decided to wake 5:37 AM! He was walking on my make-up table, knocking over polish bottles...ugh! I finally hauled myself out of bed, fed the beasts, and drank some coffee while watching "Jawbreaker" on FX. Then I remembered I had some polish pictures to post, whoohoo! However, my bestie in Las Vegas called (Hi, Stacey!) and we chatted for over two hours. We're PICs* planning a high school reunion in Vegas next month and we're hammering out last minute details, eep! Plus I had Samantha making biscuits next to me.
Sometimes the blanket gets cat spit on it. Cat spit doesn't dry.
So yeah, I got distracted!

Thursday's polish is from the new OPI Nice Stems collection. I know you all have seen swatches and have possibly picked up a bottle or two. I chose Come to Poppy and Oh. My. GOSH! It was awesome!
After a full day of wear. I didn't realize I had that freckle on my finger.
Come to Poppy is a rich, delicious pink with a kiss of silvery shimmer. Poppy isn't over-the-top but for me she's pure pink perfection. As much as I love glitter and microfleck, Poppy is a nice alternative to glitterbombs.
Afternoon sun, full day of wear. The morning sun was terrible!
I have a feeling Come to Poppy is a new go-to for a quicky mani. Application was a breeze! This is two coats. The minor tip wear I experienced I believe is from my nails being a tad too long for my liking. I do a lot of typing at work and at home along with paperwork, dishes, and other daily things. When my nails are a bit shorter the wear time seems to be longer. Not like I'm aiming for 5 days! I get too antsy and I need slap on another color.

No Fail Files today. I got rid of the awful Pure Ice yellow crackle so I can't replicate the Monster Booger manicure...thank goodness!


Olivia C. said...

LOVE that pink!

cilucia said...

I love the name of this polish, haha!

Hermione said...

It's terrible but in my head I hear, "Come to Butthead, heh heh heh." I think I watched too much Beavis and BUtthead back in the day.

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