Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not a Peanut Butter Cup...

I knew that yesterday I wouldn't have time for a full manicure. I signed up for a Women and Weights class at the local YMCA plus it was a hair wash night. I get a deep red dye job and I only wash every two-three days to prolong the color. Yeah, and my thighs are aching today! Anyway, after being so happy with Happi I decided to give Zoya's Reece a whirl...
More yummy pale golden shimmer! Early morning sun, the back-end of my car.

Reece is rather hard for me to describe. If Happi is Cindy Brady then Reece is Marsha Brady. Happi's cute, Reece is beautiful. The two polishes are definitely sisters.

Reece and Happi. You can kind of tell Reece is a snob. At my desk.

Reece isn't quite pink, is definitely not red nor burgundy. She's an enigma, wrapped in a tortilla, and smothered in secret sauce (apologies to "NewsRadio"). She probably listens to classical music yet parties to Ke$ha behind closed doors. All her underwear is from Agent Provocateur and it matches. However, she drives a 3-Series BMW convertible but longs for an SLK. Reece is all about the finer things in life but isn't afraid to be crazy.

Oh, that Zoya shimmer! Morning sun, off my car.

Oh yeah! My coworker, Miss M, fell in love with Happi! She's African-American and the golden shimmer of Happi looked divine with her beautiful skin and long nail beds (I'm jealous. I screwed up my nail beds as a kid, biting my nails for six years. You can't tell me otherwise). I'll have to snap a picture with our nails together. I told her that next time Zoya has a sale I'll pick up Happi for her...but I bet she falls in love with Reece too!

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