Thursday, June 30, 2011


Gah, I've been a bad, bad blogger! Work's been nuts, my husband's been out of town, and I have lots of pictures on my phone but I haven't done jack with them.

Anyway, because it's been less than a week since my last polish purchase (I can't remember the names but that awesome royal blue from Orly and a silver from Sinful Colors because I need to learn how to paint racing stripes on my nails to match my car) I had to pick up something from Blooming Beauty yesterday. I got the Zoya remover, a great way to prep the nails for polish, OPI Princesses Rule! and Zoya Kiki, a gorgeous blue-toned glimmery pink polish. Kiki's kind of obnoxious, like me!
Kiki under the Ott light at my mani-station
One thing I wish was in this polish was more glitter like Rica (I have a post on Rica coming up). Zoya does wonderful glitterbomb polishes and I thought Kiki would be more glittery. She's definitely pretty though!
Extreme Close-Up!

Morning sunlight, my car's rear in the background

Kiki took three coats, using Essie's ridge filler and Poshe' top coat. As much as I like CND Ridge-Out I'm really feeling the Essie as a base coat. By the time I'm done polishing my left thumb my right pinky's base coat is drying to a matte finish, letting me know it's ready for polish (note to self, do a post on ridge fillers). Application was a breeze. Heck, I might even keep Kiki on for Friday...maybe I slap a crackle on top like that OPI turquoise shatter. That would completely and utterly obnoxious!

Given Zoya's ease of application and clean-up, I really need to seek out Pippa. I'm dying for a pretty yellow polish and China Glaze's Lemon Fizz is pissing me off. 


Olivia C. said...

Love that pink!
I've been using OPI's ridge filler a lot. But I finally got a CND base coat. It took me forever to find one that I thought would work. Base coats confuse me. And top coats seem to be a little more available than base coats. That may be just me, though. :)

Hermione said...

Olivia, I have 3 ridge fillers now and a picture of my ugly naked nails. I plan on a filler comparison post this weekend. I don't have OPI though; maybe I'll pick it up for this comparison. I have CND, Essie, and Orly so far.

Oh, what we do for blog and beauty!

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

I own Zoya Rica and i'm in love with how sparkly it is! And Zoya Kiki is on my wishlist! Seems like the perfect pink!

Hermione said...

Oo, I have Rica also!!! And if you're a pink lover (and it sounds like you are) totally get Kiki :).

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