Friday, July 1, 2011

Layering Madness: Friday Edition!

So yesterday my evening was turned all askew. Instead of hitting the gym and wondering what was for dinner, I had to pull the Mustang out and head to the local airport. Bellatrix hadn't been driven in almost two weeks and I knew Ron would like to get behind the wheel after tooling about San Diego in a Hyundai Accent. His coworker even joked about the hamster on its wheel powering the car!

Instead of a full-blown polish change I did one of my layering jobs. I thought about my China Glaze white crackle but eh, not feeling it. OPI silver shatter? Nope. Crackles are feeling trite even though I've never seen it on anyone else around here. However, in my stash I found this gem:
Oo, shiny!
I picked up this Finger Paints "Private Collection" a few weeks ago at a Sally Beauty dust-bin sale. I believe Finger Paints usually retail for $3.99 before Sally Card discount. This had a red tag of $1.99 and that weekend all red tag items were 50% off, making this sucker $.99!!! I got this color and two others, one of which I have ready to review.
Put on your sunglasses!
Private Collection is a white frost. I can see some micro-flecks of color that come-and-go flash in the light. I think as a stand-alone polish it would yawn-worthy. But to shake up an existing mani? Heck yeah!
Natural morning sun against my car. You can see a bit of my car's tramp stamp. We have matching tattoos.
So pretty!
I applied two coats of Private Collection over Kiki to tone down the neon pink, just enough to change the overall look. PC went on like a dream, redeeming my faith in Finger Paints after the Psychedelic Sunshine fiasco. I used the Poshe' as the top coat.

Ooooo! I'm hitting up my local Sally for the China Glaze metalic crackles!!! I told the clerk that if possible to hold a pink and a lilac for me! I went yesterday but they were told not to put them out for sale until today. And does anyone know what today is?
!!!Happy Canada Day!!!

Hey, my bestie is Canadian (Hi, Amers!) and a long time ago I was granted Honourary* Canadian Status. I love The Kids in the Hall and Trailer Park Boys so, eh! So open a Molson and sing "Let's Go To The Mall"!!!

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