Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Fail Files: Yellow Hates Me

Welcome back to another edition of The Fail Files! My failures are posted for your enjoyment.

I'm on this yellow kick. I bought Psychedelic Sunshine a while back and that was a horrid, goopy mess that was a complete and utter bear to remove. I had to use my opposing nails to scrape that crap off. I'd layered that over China Glaze Lemon Fizz...was that the problem?

I tried again earlier this week, using Lemon Fizz as the base for China Glaze's Sunshine, part of their glitter collection. Sunshine is a yellow semi-transluscent jelly with holo-glitter floating throughout. Oh, it's so pretty! But I believe yellow nail polish and I are enemies...

I look like I'm back in high school circa 1984 and I've painted my nails with Liquid Paper. The ultimate matte manicure!
Lemon Fizz is an awful, streaky mess from start to finish. Try to apply a thin layer and it's all bald. Try to go a bit thicker and it puddles up. Try to clean up the cuticles and it's damn near impossible. It's like the polish and this particular brush are conspiring against me. I believe Sunshine alone will be fine, just not as opaque as I'd like. The only positive I can say is, my nails looked like little lemon drop candies and oh, I love those sweet-n-sours confections!

So now that Lemon Fizz has rebelled and I can't pick up Zoya's Pippa easily (I'm waiting for another Zoya promotion!), I need a good yellow polish! I picked up Orly's Spark at Sally, a pearlescent yellow, but I haven't tried it yet. Since I've had good luck with Zoya's creme polishes I'm holding out for Pippa and the other yellow they have.


Nailderella said... bad to hear lemon fizz is a complete mess...
nevertheless, I like the overall result on your nails! ;D

I answered your question on my blog about the make-up sponge lol but I think you got it ;D

Amoreva Accesorios said...

I hate Lemon fizz as well, it's imposibble to apply, I'm still looking for some decent yellow nail polish bur here in Argentina we don´t got Zoya, what about OPI, they got any good? Julie

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