Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Bride was Happi!

I went to northern Ohio this weekend. Why? Because my favorite sister-in-law got married! And since I live 10 hours away there wasn't much I could do but offer advice and provide some phalange assistance.

Ron and our kiddo drove up on Wednesday, taking nine of my polishes with them. Eep! Not my OPI Nice Stems! I also sent along OPI Princesses Rule!, Zoya's Gilda, China Glaze's Naked and Good Witch, but ultimately the Bride and I chose Zoya's Happi.

Hello, Kitty!
I'd also found Hello Kitty nail appliques at Sephora the weekend could I pass those up? The Bride love Hello Kitty (as do I!). She had HK on her wedding ring finger and a butterfly applique from the same pack on her other hand. This was also The Bride's first professional manicure! hence the little bit of nail art. Thank goodness the technician didn't get too crazy. Nail art seems pretty big in northern Ohio along with nose piercings and lots of boobs. Seriously, the cleavage display was off the leash, including mine!
I changed my mind.
I was wearing OPI's Wing It! the day before but my thumb nail chipped. Grrrr. So while Ron was running about delivering cakes to the hall, I was back at the hotel painting my nails. This is two coats of Princesses Rule with two coats of I Lily Love You. Not my best polish job but it was fun and festive for a joyous day.

Happi's really zooming up my personal charts. It's such a versatile pink! It looks good on my pasty hands, on Miss M's hands, and now on The Bride's hands. We're all different skin tones (The Bride got a spray tan the day before!) but it look great on everybody. It had enough fun and funkiness for the big day without being too far out there.


Olivia C. said...

The Hello Kitty stickers are cute! Love the polish choices!

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing a happy story! LOVE the Hello Kitty appliques!!

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