Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

So hop into the Wayback Machine with me a few weeks. I'd bid on a small lot of China Glaze polishes from the famous OMG line of 2009. It was for L8R G8R, TMI, and QT with a bonus of He's Going in Circles. I already have that one but hey, bonus holo is awesome! Needless to say, I lost the auction by a whopping 50 cents. Serious, 50 cents. Oh well, chalk it up to karma or whatever. 

Fast forward to today...not only is it my birthday (yay me!) it's Maru's birthday too! Yeah, I share mine with Bob Dylan, Priscilla Presley, and John C. Reilly but Maru!!! I stumble downstairs in my PJ's while Ron is getting his coffee, ready to go to work, when he brings me this:

TMI, L8R G8R, QT, and He's Going in Circles

WHOOHOO! He got a Second Chance email on the auction and he bought them for me! And guess what else arrived this afternoon?

An Ott Light!

Yeah, I ordered that for myself. I figure we all can use it for task lighting but this sucker is awesome!

So once I polished my nails with TMI I was going to pop outside to the backyard and take a picture of the yummy holo goodness. However, the summer storms are kicking in hardcore in south-eastern Virginia and it clouded over around 4:00. However, I did take a picture with my Ott Light!!!
Honestly, I think I'm getting better using my left hand to polish! I had more clean-up on my left hand.

Oh, so pretty but I cannot wait until the sun comes back out so I can ooh and ahh at the lusciousness of TMI. I poked around the nets and saw that L8R G8R, that obnoxious chartreuse, got little love the first time around. I'm all about the obnoxious and will wear it with pride!

 Well, Polish Fans, I think I'm going for Mexican food for my birthday dinner. It was a nice, quiet birthday with the installation of a new garage door, some shopping at Old Navy and Sally Beauty (more China Glaze, duh!), and getting high on Seche Vite!

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