Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello, Senorita Bonita!

For my birthday Tuesday I took myself out for a drive. I went to Kohl's, where the shorts mocked my fat ass (Hello, Weight Watchers!) and Wags, hoping to find some new Sally Hansen's with no luck. I also dropped some cash at Old Navy, mostly on my son because at age 11 he's growing like a weed. Sally Beauty beckoned and after much hemming, hawing, and strolling up and down fondling the Orly's and China Glaze's I finally picked up the gorgeous purple from their Island Escape line, Senorita Bonita. It took seeing swatches online to make me purchase this sassy gal.
Blurred for your protection. Look at that flash! It's orangy-pink!!! Don't look at that thumb nail. It's hideous. Taken under the Ott light.

Look at that GQ polish! She's going to take you to dinner, buy you drinks, and slip a hand down your pants. I am in FLOVE!!! Bonita's such a warm purple, she'll make you breakfast the next morning before sliding between the sheets for more.

Yum! I think she'd taste like a Girl Drink then knock you on your ass. Natural sun from my office window.

Gotta admit, I kept looking at my nails while driving into work this morning. If I keep La Bonita on for tomorrow she'll get a coat of white crackle just so I can see her peeking out at me like the saucy minx she is. But darn it, I have a delivery coming from Head2Toe today with seven more China Glazes!!! What's a polish junkie to do?

Start another manicure, that's what she does!

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Nailderella said...

I loooooooove this nail polish!!

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