Monday, May 23, 2011

Organizing Polish...HOW?!?!

I became obsessed with nail polish earlier this year. I don't even know why to be honest. As I said in a previous post I got acrylics done during the holidays, got one fill in January, and since then I let them grow out. I tried soaking them off in pure acetone with little success. Suck it up, Buttercup, because that junk was on there good.

So I started trimming my nails down, filing the tops of the tips down, and sometimes I was able to actually get bits and pieces of that junk off. But I didn't want to see the naked nails. Ugh, gross! I discovered that glitter polishes help hide the growth...Thank you, Katy Perry!

Anyway, I began to haunt my local Sally Beauty and Bloomin' Beauty Supplies, trying to find Teenaged Dream and Ahoy. I began skulking the aisles of Wags and Rite Aid, in search of elusive Wet-n-Wild's, Jesse's Girls, and Maybellines. I got a Zoya account for their awesome promos. And my collection grew to the point I needed a Helmer like All Lacquered Up's. Ron and I loaded up the Kiddo and drove the three hours to IKEA in northern Virginia and I got Helmers!
One of two Helmers. The bottom three drawers drawers are empty. I haz a sad :(.
Top drawer with a lot of Zoya! Pinks, reds, corals, oranges.
Second drawer with blues, purples, greens, and a random yellow.

Third drawer: Effects, holos, shimmers. That random yellow? It sucks. So pretty but a pain in the butt to apply and remove.

I have a ton of Zoya's and China Glaze. Heck, I just placed an order at Head2Toe for old school China Glaze Rapture and of course I had to add six more ChG's to make it worth while! (Bad Kitty will be mine. Even if it sucks the name is full of win) And trust me; there's a lot more now than there was three weeks ago.

Right now my first Helmer is organized by color. But should I do ROYGBIV (Bel, Biv, DaVoe...hahahaha!) or by brand or what? I mean, if I go by brand I could Bel Biv DaVoe that suckah. Or I can just keep it as it is because I have a few random ones from Orly, Nubar, Milani.

I keep a few random polishes on a shelf at my make-up table. I have four of the famous China Glaze holo polishes: He's Going in Circles, Don't Be a Square, Kaleidoscope Him Out, and How About a Tumble. And shortly I'll sing the praises of OPI's Wing It! because it's me in color form. I want to take Wing It! behind the middle school and get it pregnant like corn bread. I think it's surpassed my all-time favorite, OPI's Shoot-Out at the OK Coral. I have that one in Black Label, booyeah!

I'd love to hear your ideas on organization. I have room to grow...we bought two Helmers!

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