Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Because I'm a B-Girl

Are B-Girlz the female equivalent of a Beta Male? If we're talking China Glaze's B-Girlz then no, it's not.

I'd planned at least one post for the weekend but after I removed Bad Kitty topped with ChG's white crackle (which, BTW, was terrible to remove. Hence the name Bad Kitty. The sparkle was awesome under the crackle though!):
Death grip on the steering wheel!

I'd planned on using OPI's Go On Green! with a layer of OPI's turquoise shatter. It was Sunday night, we were gearing up to watch "Toy Story 3" as punishment to our child ("the teddy bear freaks me out, Mom"), and I totally banged up the GOG. Then I tried applying the shatter without the aid of my Ott light and I put it on too thick. It didn't shatter well and I was left with a goopy mess.

Yesterday morning I had a 10:00 AM appointment with the best hairman in the world (or at least in Norfolk). I couldn't see him with skanknailz! Knowing that matte finishes are quick driers I slapped a coat of Zoya's Lolly on my nails. What an utter fail. I had a divet in one nail, bald spots on another nail, and my left thumbnail was all banged up at the tip. I guess I need more practice with mattes. They are utterly unforgiving. I should've taken a picture so you could mock me.

Oh, and I'm up to 172 bottles of polish. It makes it interesting to figure out what's going on the nails. I thought about slapping Zoya's Midori on, a brilliant green with a golden swirl. Or that China Glaze I got for my birthday, L8R G8R, another green with that awesome linear holo. Instead I reached for ChG's B-Girlz:
It's a true pink with a hint of blue shimmer that didn't translate onto the nail. However, after two piss-poor mani's B-Girlz was a dream. Two coats and a slather of Seche Vite later, I was good to go. It dried quickly so I didn't bang it up while playing Boom Blox or in the shower.

I wish I could do a better job of cleaning up the cuticles.

If I were to open my own nail salon I'd go exclusively with China Glaze. I find that I'm reaching for it more and more. I have polishes from 69 cent Wet-n-Wild to $14.00 Butter London. I have Sally Hansen's and Black Label OPI's. But China Glaze keeps pulling me back in with their ease of application, variety of colors, and price. I can go to Sally Beauty and pay less than $5.00 a bottle and get a product that will perform like mad.

(Disclosure: This is a new nail blog. I don't get any perks for talking up a product. This is just my opinion.)

If the color wears well today I'll slap a coat of shimmer on tomorrow. It makes taking off polish fun, like counting the rings of a tree. Oh yeah, I put that on Monday night! HA!

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