Friday, May 20, 2011

Yes, it's yet another nail blog

I know, I know, the nail polish blog world is totally played out. However, I'm hoping to bring a girlfriend from Texas on board so we can share our misadventures with lacquers. If you're looking for someone who gets nifty goodies far in advance of release please check out the blogs on the right. Bloggers like Also Known As and Chloe's Nails get collections far in advance and do a much better job of polishing. Hey, I'm getting better!

My screen name is Hermione because I love Harry Potter. My car's name is Hermione! I love coffee, sushi, Mexican food, kittehs, and beauty stuff. I'm not nearly as thrifty as Nouveau Cheap (who's an absolute gem!) because I can't seem to find the eye shadows or blushers that pique my interests at Wags or Rite Aid. I'm married to a delightful man who puts up with my newish polish obsession. We have an 11 year-old son who gives me grief about all the polishes I leave on the breakfast bar. Hey, I have some good light to polish by at the bar!!! And I have an irrational love for pop music. Right now I'm listening to Kesha Radio on Pandora...and I'll be 43 next week. Mentally I'm 13.

Anyway, to kick off the initial post here's my current mani. I use CND Ridge Out as my base coat because my nails are all ridgy. I'm a sucker for pinks in almost all forms and Piggy Polish's "Beach Break" has micro-holo flecks in a jelly polish. Oh, but I had to go and mess with perfection by layering Milani's "Diamond Dazzle" over the top.
Oh, I threw the China Glaze "108 Degrees" in the picture for good measure. I'm heading to the mall at lunchtime for a fresh pedi. I have Hippy Toes.

Anyway, I think Beach Break would've been better left alone or a thin layer of China Glaze "Fairy Dust" would've looked nice. And I wonder if Milani and Piggy Polish get their bottles from the same supplier because they are identical. I can't find another link between the two polishes (unlike L'oreal owning Essie and Coty owning OPI and Sally Hansen).
And here's the glitter bomb results! Wow, I really need to learn how to polish better. It looks perfectly fine to the naked eye but the iPhone? Oh hell no! I haven't mastered the art of the cuticle clean-up. I have a slanted artist brush I picked up at Michael's, looks like an eyeliner brush, for clean-up and I know I picked up stray polish!

Because I don't have a light box (and probably won't get one anytime soon) I used the natural morning light pouring into my cube at work. Until I get a better camera to carry around I'm using my iPhone for pix.

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EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Yay for your first post! Your nails looks pretty and I love that color. I don't know much about nail polishes, but I love looking at blogs with nail art and tutorials lol.

To answer your question, I didn't apply any balm of gloss on my lips. The color faded but left my lips a little bit of shine, which I loved!

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