Friday, May 27, 2011

Such a Bad Kitty!

Oo, I was so happy yesterday when my order from Head2toe Beauty came in!!! I'd been lemming hardcore China Glaze's Bad Kitty for the name alone. But of course I had to add more colors to the order to make sure the shipping was in line with the product! I ended up with seven new colors.

L-R: Sour Apple, Sunshine, Golden Opportunity, B-Girlz, Rapture, Bad Kitty, and Carnival Lights. Sadly, I knew all the names off the top of my head. Taken under the Ott light.

Oh, Bad Kitty. She's a little bitchy but makes up for it in the Cute Department.

Are you saying I'm a bad kitty? Oh no, Freddie! You're a good kitty!
Samantha? She's a good kitty too!

Now THERE'S a Bad Kitty!

Oh my, the sparkle! Hologlitter suspended in a sheer bubblegum pink. This was three coats and I didn't dare put on any more. I know this crap is going to be hard to remove so I'm going to keep this as my weekend manicure. I'll probably slap a coat of ChG's white crackle on Bad Kitty tomorrow to keep it fresh.

Oh. My. GAWD!!! The sparkle, it kills me! Om nom nom!

I only used one coat of Seche Vite but it really could've used another. It's rather bumpy but I didn't want to get caught painting my nails at my desk. Good grief, my hands are all veiny! Blerg!

This was my first order with Head2Toe and I must say I was pleased with the delivery time and pricing. The glitters were $3.50 and the shimmers were $3.00. Shipping was just over $10.00  and there's a 5% off coupon code for May. Overall each bottle was around $4.00, not bad for China Glaze or any other brand.

China Glaze has quickly become my go-to polish, even over OPI. The colors are amazeballs and the wear is outstanding!


GothamPolish said...

I love seeing all the polishes lined up :)

Hermione said...

I know, right? And I was just up fondling my polishes in my Helmer *grins!*

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