Monday, May 23, 2011

No Shimmer, No Glitter

So apparently we're all still here, right? There were no raptor attacks at The Melting Pot Saturday night so we were able to enjoy our melty cheese and chocolate. For that night's manicure I used Wet-n-Wild's Sea of Dreams (you'll need to scroll down to see Miss G's pix). I took pictures with the house camera but failed to upload them because I'm a doofus.

(By the way, I dropped a MASSIVE hint to my husband, Ron Weasley, that I want a new digital camera for my birthday. I mean, they have cute pink and purple ones! Plus I have a lot of travel planned this summer and I would like something a bit smaller than our current camera.)

I think Sea of Dreams looks like a "mother-in-law" color on me. See, this one time I had a Sally Hansen polish in a purple/maroon creme and my sister-in-law said, "That looks like a color Darlene would wear," and I had a headdesk moment. I mean, Sea of Dreams is pretty but now my mind's been tainted. ARGH!

I kept SoD on through yesterday. Ron and I did yardwork so it didn't matter if the polish chipped. However, I'm pleased to report it didn't chip at all! Oh, Seche Vite, I love you so much!

So for today's mani I tried to get my catten, Freddie, to chose a polish for me. He was given the choice of China Glaze's C-C-Courage and OPI's Sparrow Me the Drama. He just layed there with a "Bitch, please!" look on his face.
Are you kidding me, lady? I only came here for tuna juice.

So I tried option #2, putting the polishes behind my back and letting Ron chose. Sparrow it is.
I am so, so sorry for the quality of picture! Even though it's supposed to warm and humid like a wet blanket in the dryer there's a wicked cloud cover and I'm working with crap lighting in my cube.

Sparrow went on fairly well. I had to do two coats and there's a bit of VNL. I'm okay with it though. I'm still getting used to OPI's new brush. It seems so darn fat! Oh, and can you see my thumbnail at the edge? I'm still battling the remains of my foolishness of getting acrylics at Christmas time. I got one fill in January but jeeze, I get freakin' bored getting fills! I'd much rather get a pedicure. I can read a magazine, listen to music, and relax in one of those thrones.

It's a gorgeous color but I'm afraid something is missing for me personally. There's no shimmer, no glitter. I came thisclose to throwing a layer of Orly's Fifty Four (is that the pink shimmer?) but I held strong. Tomorrow, all bets are off!


leihei said...

Kitty looks confused as to what you are asking of him! Or uninterested, you never can tell with kitties!

Hermione said...

Dude, it was like he was asking for tuna juice! Just sitting at the bar like nobody's business. I do have a picture of him surrounded with nail polish *grins!*

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