Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Polish? Whodathunk!

Just a quick post but dudes, I had to take a picture of TMI in direct sunlight!
Look at the holo! *swoons, falls over dead!*

Honestly, this polish is blah under office lighting. It really needs the suns light to make it pop like corn!

In other news, Ron got the day off so we went to lunch at the local bigass mall. There's a Blooming Beauty Supply located near Nordstrom and I'm a regular. The sales clerk doesn't know my name but she perked up when she saw me! I don't know her name either but for such a slender woman she has a terrific rack. Anyway, behind the counter were three boxes of OPI's Serena Glam Slam with Rally Pretty Pink and Red and one of them became mine, all mine!
Too bad the boss is here. Otherwise Red Shatter would've been on my nails now.

I know Rally Pretty Pink is a dead-on dupe for Zoya's Faye which I already own. So hey, perhaps if I reach X-amount of followers on Google Friend Connect (hint, hint!) I'll put together a giveaway with Rally Pretty Pink and that extra China Glaze I got, He's Going in Circles.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow! nice great pink nails :)
keep up the great postings - i passed the liebster award onto you! love your blog!

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