Monday, August 29, 2011

Picture Dump

As promised, here's my picture dump. Not as many as I thought I had. Sorry!

This is a failed attempt at Sally Hansen's Crackle in "Ink" over Savvy "Ruby Slippers". The Ruby Slippers had chipped and I didn't touch it up before I slopped the Crackle on it, so this is a hot mess. No, actually, just a mess.

My hubby and I enjoy spending our Sunday afternoons walking around the local flea market, Trader's Village. I believe it's the largest outdoor flea market in the Southwest. The last time we were there was the first time I was greeted with this huge display of I.C.E. polish. I've never heard of it and never seen it anywhere else. The bottles look a lot like Fingerpaints bottles. All this gorgeous color for $1 a bottle!

I bought two, Neon Yellow and Neon Purple. No swatches yet. I've only worn the purple. I liked it, it was a nice cream (my favorite formula).

My tiny polish stash. No Helmers or anything around here. One thing you will find about us, Hermoine is all about the good, high-end polish, while I'm cheap and stick to Sinful Colors and drugstore stuff. That's why we're a good team; if one of us doesn't buy it, maybe the other one will!

Speaking of Sinful Colors, this is Serena and Chloe. I've had it for years and didn't know it; I found it in the back of my under-sink storage in the bathroom. Don't know why I didn't remember it,  because I sure do like it!

This is OPI "Don't Mess With OPI". I love this one. Oh, the story behind the blackboard note: My workplace had a Mardi Gras party...on March 17...which is St. Patrick's Day...and a Thursday...and was 8 days after Fat Tuesday...and they asked us all to dress and decorate in green...but it was definitely a Mardi Gras party, not a St. Patrick's Day party, because I asked. So after my head exploded from the stupidity, I looked up the French word for Thursday, and wrote that on my message board. Because I am a smart ass. The other background stuff on my wall is because I'm Catholic. So there's your warning. Look out, Smart Ass Catholic with loud nails coming through!

I found these cute glitter polishes and squealed like a fangirl and bought them for my birthday. Got home and did a skittles with them--and discovered they are a kids' play dress-up polish and they were a peel-off polish. Not a total fail, because I love to peel things. But not a polish I can wear, because I'm hard on my nails and use them as tools.

And finally, my Holy Grail last season. OPI San-Tan-Tonio. I looked all over for this thing. Every display of the Texas line I found, they had every color but this one. Which is weird, because I haven't seen people around town wearing it. You'd think if it was always sold out, I'd run into it out in the wild somewhere. My notes on this one say "Sinful Colors base, 2 coats of color, Sinful Colors top coat."


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Olivia C. said...

Great polishes! Welcome to blogging. :)

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